Dicamba Herbicide Information

The information below contains links to various locations to provide you with additional information for the use of certain dicamba herbicide formulations. To apply Engenia, Tavium, and/or XtendiMax you must have valid pesticide certification and have attended an approved dicamba training program. Annual training is required to use the dicamba products designated for use on Dicamba Resistant crops.

In regard of the May 15th dicamba rule.  For May 15-October 1 dicamba rule is no longer a rule as of 2024.  It was redacted from the Tennessee Pesticide Rules and Laws late last year.  Please refer to and follow all label instructions for all dicamba products and over-the-top dicamba products.  If you have any questions, please contact Chad Hayes at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture email:chad.hayes@tn.gov or call 615-837-5148.


UT Extension plans to provide a 2024 Dicamba Stewardship Training which will be mandatory for all individuals who purchase, mix or apply Engenia, Tavium, XtendiMax, or other dicamba products allowed to be applied in dicamba resistant soybean or cotton varieties.  The cost is expected to be $25.

A training titled, “How to Safely Use and Handle Paraquat-Containing Products” is mandatory for all individuals who purchase, mix or apply paraquat-containing herbicides. There is no charge for this training.


Training Fee: $25


Helpful Hints prior to using dicamba products

1) Read the label

2) Refer to the Endangered Species Act section of the label and visit EPA’s website for endangered species. Check out Bulletins Live Two (BLT)

3) Keep records of all applications