Pesticide Application using Drones

When applying pesticides using drones, several requirements must be met by the pesticide applicator prior to application. Below are the steps to meet those requirements.

Step 1: Certification

To apply pesticides using drones, you first need certification for the area of application. Below are the specific certification categories for common application areas.

  • on the farm or nursery require category 1 (agriculture)
  • forestry require category 2 (Forest Pest Control)
  • right-of-way (powerlines, railways, pipelines, etc.) require category 6

Learn how to become a Commercial Applicator.

Learn how to become a licensed pest control operator.

Step 2: Aerial License

You must also obtain an Aerial Applicator license (Aerial License). Currently, you must have a pilot’s license to obtain the Aerial Applicator license.

Learn more about obtaining the Aerial License and find required forms, etc. (Found under Additional Requirements heading)

Step 3: Charter – if charging a fee

If you are charging a fee to control pests, you will need to meet the requirements for and obtain a charter through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Learn more about the requirements and how to obtain a charter.

For more information, you may contact the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) at 615-837-5148. Learn more about Certification, Licensing and Charters from TDA.