Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation designed to protect agricultural workers. It contains requirements for protective equipment, restricted-entry times following pesticide applications, safety training, and other elements to prevent poisoning and injury from pesticides.

Individuals who currently hold a valid private applicator certification or are certified as a commercial applicator, or individuals who have completed the EPA approved “Train-the-Trainer” requirements may train handlers and/or workers. NOTE: It is recommended that trainers review training materials annually..

To learn more about the Worker Protection Standard at both the federal and state levels, see the Environmental Protection Agency’s websites and Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s website listed below.

Useful Definitions

  • Trainer—Someone who is certified as a private applicator, commercial applicator, or who has attended Train-the-Trainer training.
  • Handler—Someone who mixes, loads, and/or sprays pesticides.
  • Worker—A hand laborer.

​To read the COVID-19 guidance in full and to learn more about EPA’s Worker Protection Standard, visit their webpage.

Web-based training for trainers at PERC in English

Web-based training for trainers at PERC in Spanish

WPS training presentation delivery requirements (a downloadable PDF document)

PERC’s main website for training requirements


National Workers Protection Standard: A Manual for Trainers of Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers

Manuals and More (a collection perfect for trainers)

​Forms / Documentation of Training

EPA Approved Presentations in MS-PowerPoint Format

WPS Flipchart: Safety Training for Agricultural Workers:

For WPS Training Verification Cards call or contact TDA @ 1-615-837-5148 or email

What type of Worker Protection Standard Training must you provide? (PDF file)

How to Comply with the 2015 Revised Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides: What Owners and Employers Need to Know (PDF file)

WPS Requirements for Agricultural Employers of Workers Checklist (PDF file)

Quick Reference Guide to the Worker Protection Standard as Revised in 2015 (PDF file)

Worker Protection Standard Handbook for Agricultural Employers (PDF file)

WPS Employee Interview Form (TDA)

Worker Protection Standard Inspection Form (TDA)

Worker Protection Standard Respiratory Guide

WPS Posters

Warning Signs for the Field or Greenhouse:

Various materials available in Spanish​

Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ)

Hazard Communication Guide

Quick Reference Guide to the Worker Protection Standard as Revised in 2015 (PDF file)

Protect Yourself and Your Family from Pesticide Exposure:
The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Agricultural Worker Booklet
 (English and Spanish versions)

Worker Protection Standard Respiratory Guide

WPS Training Videos for Agricultural Workers

WPS Training Videos for Handlers

Medical Evaluation Form​ in MS-Word Format (this is for individuals using respirators)

Information concerning Recognition of Pesticide Poisoning

For a complete listing of EPA approved training materials visit WPS Training Videos by PERC (