Depending on where the soil fumigant application is taking place, there may be additional options and/or further requirements for satisfying the training requirement found on soil fumigant labels for certified applicators applying a soil fumigant. For Tennessee, a licensee may need to be present when a fumigant is applied. Reading the label can clarify the requirements.

Currently, the EPA-approved registrant training programs satisfy the certified applicator training label requirement for Tennessee. However, if the product is a restricted-use pesticide, only certified applicators who have completed EPA’s approved training may purchase and/or apply the fumigant in Tennessee. To fulfill EPA’s new fumigation standards, Tennessee’s regulations may require that a licensee be present during application depending on statements provided by the manufacturer’s label.

As required by updated soil fumigant product labels, certified applicators must successfully complete an EPA-approved training program covering the new soil fumigant provisions set by EPA. The EPA’s website provides information concerning EPA’s regulations.

To apply soil fumigants, an applicator must be certified as a pesticide applicator in the State of Tennessee and complete an EPA-approved soil fumigant program listed on the US EPA website. Learn more about approved training at the Soil Fumigant Applicator Training Center. A commercial applicator must also be licensed or have a licensee present during application.

Additional information concerning training, fumigant management plans, buffer zones, and other safety measures to ensure protections for agricultural workers and bystanders may be found in the Soil Fumigant Toolbox.

Applicator Certification and Links

  • Private Applicators
    • To apply fumigation products on your own property, property you lease, and to become certified as a private applicator in Tennessee, please visit the private applicator page for more information to become certified. Remember, a licensee may need to be present when fumigants are applied. Reviewing the label can be extremely helpful and may answer many of your questions. Select the licensing tab above to find out more information concerning licensing.
  • Commercial Applicators
    • If you plan to conduct soil fumigation and charge a fee for the service, you may want to visit the commercial applicator page for more information concerning categories 1, 2, or 10 certifications, bonding, insurance, and licensing​. A licensee must be present when a fumigant is applied and a fee is being charged for the service.

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