Steps to Start a Pest Control Business

Below is a summary of steps to take to start a pest control business.

  • Obtain pesticide certification (the exam may be taken online through Everblue or attending a PSEP Program testing event)
  • Have the requirements to take the licensing exam (varies depending on licensing category)
  • Take the licensing exam ($150 per exam)
  • Obtain insurance ($250,000 single occurrence, $500,000 aggregate)
  • For those with WDO license, would be required to have Errors & Omissions Insurance ($100,000 and $300,000)
  • Obtain bonding (surety bond, $10,000 for all categories except cat 7., $50,000 for first 3 years)
  • Obtain a charter from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) ($400 every 2 years)
  • A Licensee must be listed on the charter. $50 for each licensee and each license category

Note: if you plan to apply products containing glyphosate as the sole active ingredient, then you would need LHA certification (also known as C09 certification), and insurance ($300,000). No bonding, license, nor charter would be needed.