Tennessee Department of Agriculture Pesticide Section Contacts

Main Office: 615-837-5148 phone, 615-837-5012 fax

Examination / Testing (certification & licensing) pesticide.training@tn.gov, 615-837-5148.

EPA Programs: jim.endsley@tn.gov, 615-837-5138.

License Issuance: John.Ewell@tn.gov, 615-837-5340.

Pesticide Product Registration: Heather Kirby, 615-837-5187.

Pesticide Related issues and Disposal: jim.endsley@tn.gov, 615-837-5138.

Structural Issues: Jerry.Seabolt@tn.gov, 615-837-5178.

Worker Protection Training Verification Cards: pesticide.training@tn.gov phone 615-837-5188.

For all questions regarding the Pesticides / Pest Control Program, contact Kathy Booker at 615-837-5133 or kathy.booker@tn.gov.

If you are wanting to send TDA Attendance Rosters and/or a Request for Points forms electronically use the following email address: Pesticide.Training@tn.gov